The finish stretch on Boylston Street

The finish stretch on Boylston Street

Well, the reason that I mentioned the beautiful Sunday in my previous post was that Marathon Monday was not beautiful!  It was cold, and rainy – not the kind of misty rain that runners love to race in, but flat-out cold, heavy, steady, squishy-shoe rain.

That said, running in the Boston Marathon was absolutely one of the highlights of my entire life! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

30,000 runners, and close to 1 million spectators braved the awful weather on this April 20, Patriots Day.

Speaking of April 20, I need to mention that I was so wrapped up in  thoughts of myself before the marathon (Have I eaten enough?  Have I eaten too much? Will I need to use the porta pot during the race?  How will the weather be? Will I be able to finish….), that I completely forgot  it was my son’s 20th birthday!! Mother of the Year Award here!

I eventually remembered before starting the race, and was able to borrow someone’s phone to text him Happy B-Day.

There were so many sights that it will be hard to describe them all, but here are a few that stand out. (I didn’t bring a phone/camera because I thought it would slow me down from qualifying again -HA!)

  • The beginning few miles of the race, where there were wall to wall runners.
  • Thousands of us going down a hill, and a sea of people in front of us going up the next hill.
  • A rock band playing inside an open garage – A true Garage Band!
  • The amazing spectators who were out there in the pouring rain cheering for us slow-poke nobodies!
  • The cheering college students of Wellesley, Boston College, and Boston University – and especially the BC students who offered me encouragement and high fives when I had to take a small walk break.
  • The awesome volunteers who were freezing.`
  • Seeing the obvious pride and excitement when family-member-spectators recognized their runners.
  • Running near a man dressed in all white with a funny looking orange cap.  Spectators kept calling him Olaf, and all the children seemed to know him.  I didn’t figure out that this was a character from the movie Frozen until days or weeks later.  At the time I kept thinking ‘Who the Hell is Olaf?’

In my 3rd hour, I realized I wasn’t going to hit my goal time. It was disappointing until I realized that it really didn’t matter. Nobody but me would care about my finish time.   Finishing was important.

As I made turned onto Boylston Street toward the finish, I started looking for my family.  I knew they’d be on the right side. Amazingly, I found them.  We screamed and shouted and I ran over to high five them (I knew the small delay wasn’t going to bust my already busted finish time).  Then I finished the race, got my medal, got a shower, put on my new shirt and flew home! (wore my medal home on the plane too).


Finisher's Medal

Finisher’s Medal

New Shirt

New Shirt



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