Breakfast of Champions

Something else really great happened last week:

I have influenced someone to take up running!!  One of my daughter’s friends texted me and asked if she could run with me!  How awesome is that?? We walked a lot, but who cares? Who wouldn’t have said yes to an invitation like that?  I brought her breakfast.  I call it the breakfast of champions…I eat it everyday, and it makes me SOOO happy!

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

I read in the runner’s magazine that it was ok to have dessert for breakfast.  SO I DO!

On the positive side, there are only 260 calories to my breakfast (as long as I don’t add a pop-tart!).  Plus there are 4 grams of protein.  Too bad my 4 pack of cookies has 13% of my RDA of Saturated Fat, and 17 grams of sugars.  But, back to my original point….they make me SOOO happy!


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