A Small Evening Trip to Georgia Tech to See the Rolling Stones

June 9, 2015  The Rolling Stones  Bobby Dodd Stadium, Georgia Tech

June 9, 2015
The Rolling Stones
Bobby Dodd Stadium, Georgia Tech

Went to see the Rolling Stones on Tuesday June 9 at Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium.  The concert was AWESOME!!  In my opinion, the Rolling Stones are the greatest rock band ever, and they didn’t disappoint.  Some of my friends teased me for being so excited to see (what they considered to be) a bunch of old men playing rock and roll.  Now admittedly, the were some old folks the crowd.  Who would think rock concerts, canes and walkers go together? But let me tell you, those guys rocked it! (And to be fair, there were all ages in the crowd.)

My husband and I saw them at the same concert (although not with each other) when we were teenagers, and we both agree this time was MUCH better.  His comment was, that when we saw them years ago, they looked like 70 year olds, and they look just the same now! We brought our teenager, who loved it.  Since I am such a big fan, she’s been in training for this concert (her first) for her whole life!

The rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

It’s funny we saw some of our neighbors at the concert.  We’ve known them for years and they’ve always been very formal, stiff, difficult people.  But not that night!! Behind their conservative facade, lurk some hard rockers!

008 (2)They played all of their best songs, and everyone in the stadium knew every word.  They started with ‘Start Me Up’, and of course finished with Satisfaction.  In between we heard everything from ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, and ‘It’s only Rock and Roll’ to ‘Honky Tonk Woman’.  For ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, Mick came out dressed in a giant red feather cape.

The group used a lot of local musicians to fill in the back up positions, including the sax and tenor sax players.  Chuck Levell, the keyboardist (who I think actually travels with them) is from here, so he got a big reception from the audience.  The choir for ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ was from Emory University (which is here in Atlanta).  What a thrill that must have been for the choir members!

Anyway, if they come to a city near you, I STRONGLY recommend that you see them.


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