A Completely Useless Super Power

I believe that everyone has a super power.  I do…and it is completely useless!

When I run, my sense of smell becomes supernatural.

I am a morning runner, and I can tell you who in my neighborhood drinks coffee before 7 am…I can actually smell coffee brewing inside their houses!

Coffee Smell

Coffee Smell

I have been able to smell a crushed packet of Chik-Fil-A Barbeque sauce for about 3 weeks.  The smell of sweetish-sourish-baked-on-asphalt-barbeque-sauce is quite distinct.

And heaven help me on Fridays…Garbage day.  Usually I can finish before the truck rolls past me…but if not, I can smell the cloud of garbage for about 1/4 mile after it goes by.

Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck

What is your super power?  I hope that it is more useful than mine!!


Trying something new here…linking up with other blogs.  Today I enjoyed reading posts from http://runthegreatwidesomewhere.com/

about her upcoming races…she’s got some awesome ones coming up including some disney races.



who also is going to run a disney race.


10 thoughts on “A Completely Useless Super Power

  1. tyronepierre

    I have no super powers when I run, unless you consider excessive sweat a gift? Although I could use that enhanced gift of smell you have! Garbage days are on Thursdays where I live and the trouble is those garbage trucks are up and out earlier than I am!

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  2. neveradullbling

    My super power is master procrastinator! I have to make sure my bottles, watch, ipod, running hankie, gels, gum, chapstick, socks, shoes, hat, sunglasses, etc., are just right, (which in reality is just a way for me to stall, hehe). I actually get a super smeller too when I run. I ran past a brand new fence that had just been put up and I nearly had to cross the street to get away from it. And lillies… they smell like skunk when I’m running. But I never smell something yummy like coffee or ChikFilA, 😦

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    1. Rebecca Royy Post author

      Thanks! I hope to be able to get to this today or tomorrow…. We’ve been getting pretty busy at work. Which is a good thing when you own your own business!



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