Things I’ve seen on my runs this week

Thought I’d share some of the things I’ve seen on my runs this week. The things I’ve seen range from cute to funny to inspiring to amazing! I hope that you like them.

On Sunday morning, I saw 5 fawns!! That was pretty darn awesome! Each of the fawns was with their mother.  2 were twins (I think). It is possible that I just sighted 1 set of twins twice, but not sure. The sightings were 3 miles apart and with a 6 lane busy road separating the areas.

I did not take this photo. Credit goes to Karen Madorin

I did not take this photo. Credit goes to Karen Madorin

Most of my runs are early morning, in the dark (more on that below). I have a set route that I feel safe running. There is a trail through a wooded park, but I don’t do that unless the sun is up. Every morning that I am able to run in the park, I see a young man preparing for his day by swinging on the swing set at the playground. He swings so high the chains go slack at the top.

I suspect that this young man may have something going on such as autism. I believe that the swinging may soothe him before the start of his day.

I am inspired by him when I think about not getting up for my run. He may have difficulties in life, but he is at the park by sunrise everyday getting ready for the new day. Perhaps he can more easily handle life’s challenges after a good swing. I know it is the same for me with a morning run!

As I stated, most of my runs are in the dark. This week, while running by a new house in the neighborhood, my eyes were drawn to a full bank of basement windows that were lit up. As I glanced towards the light, I noticed my new neighbor inside working out….BUCK NAKED!! Oh lord!

Haha! Betcha thought I'd feature a picture of my unclothed neighbor! The bank of windows in the basement were fully lit.

Haha! Betcha thought I’d feature a picture of my unclothed neighbor! The bank of windows in the basement were fully lit.

At first I felt bad for being a peeping Tom, but then decided that I may not be one after all. I mean I’ve gotten through 52 years of life so far without feeling drawn to peer in people’s windows!


This post was written and ready to publish, but I saw something amazing this morning that caused me to edit….It was a beautiful meteor!  Again, I was running in the dark when a flash of light caught my eye.  I looked up and saw a text book looking meteor falling east across the southern sky.  It was AMAZING!  the meteor was bright yellow/white, and the tail was blue/green and sparkly.  All of this happened within a split second, but somehow I caught the whole sight!  What a great way to start my day!

When I got home, I googled meteors for 9/15/2015.  I came up with some kooky sites where some guy is predicting that a meteor will fall today and destroy earth.  Well at least he got one part right!

And that was my week in running. I hope yours was just as good!

What interesting things have you seen?


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