Window Seat Tourist

The very first time that I flew on an airplane (as a child, in the sixties, when you used to dress up to fly), I got the window seat.  And ever since, that’s been my seat of choice.

I want to tell you about some of the awesome things to be seen out the window of a plane.

The flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg South Africa is super long (17 hours). By following our flight path on the TV screen map in front of me, I could see that we would be going south, along the east side of South America, then across a ‘thin’ part of the Atlantic to Africa.  The first African country we flew over was Namibia…a country I’d barely ever heard of. We flew over Namibia for hours on a clear, sunny day.  The landscape of red sand dunes the size of mountains was amazing. There was almost no sign of civilization except for an occasional dusty single track road here or there.


I know it sounds crazy, but this was one of the most memorable sites of our whole awesome trip!

Another trip, we were flying west…from Atlanta to Seattle. It was an an early evening flight, so we were flying into the sunset. My seat was on the right side of the plane (so I was looking north). Long after we were flying in the dark, I kept noticing light out my window. For a while I couldn’t figure out why the sun wouldn’t just set! Then I realized HELLO… it’s light-to-the-north. As in the northern lights!! Wow! (Later, after we landed and checked into our hotel, I got to experience my first earthquake…small but odd).

Not my photo...but pretty awesome!

Not my photo…but pretty awesome!

A few years ago, I flew from Atlanta to las Vegas. (From there. I rented a car and drove to St. George Utah where I met my friends for my first marathon.) During the flight, I could see on the map that we would be flying near (or over) the Grand Canyon. I’ve been there several times and have had the privilege to fly over it on helicopter tours. But still. I was excited to be able to fly over it again. The lady sitting next to me had never flown. Nor had she ever seen the Grand Canyon. Once I was sure that we were actually going to fly over the canyon, I told her. She was so excited to see it.  And the experience of sharing it with her was  awesome

Again, not my photo but this is what it looked like

Again, not my photo but this is what it looked like

So, my travel advice to you when you fly is to always take the window seat!

What awesome sights have you seen out of the plane window? What is your travel advise?


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