Back to Back Races and Some Questionable Logic

Well…not an ordinary post, but here goes.

Had my annual mammogram last week,  and the results were a bit sketchy. 3 more mammograms and a biopsy later, no cancer.  But…they want to take out the cells and surrounding tissue. All good. Just a bit of outpatient/local anesthesia.

So here’s the Questionable logic. I have been training hard all summer/fall for a potential 5k PR. The optimal race to accomplish this is next Saturday. There is also a 10/mile race on Sunday. I know I’ll PR this because I’ve never raced a ten miler! So….I signed up for both.

Yesterday, I met with the surgeon and I’m sure you can all guess what my first question was….could I wait until after my races to do the surgery?

He said waiting 10 days would have NO consequences.  So I’m racing! Foolish? I don’t know, one part of me says yes. But the other part says that it is good to have something to look forward to.  Plus, (maybe unrealistically),  I am a bit concerned that I’ll be facing hormone therapy when this is over. And I wonder if the hormones will make me slower. So this might be my last chance to PR.

I hope this post wasn’t too much of a downer…because I don’t feel down.  I feel like I am walking advertising for having regular mammograms!

Happy weekend everyone!


10 thoughts on “Back to Back Races and Some Questionable Logic

  1. Britsrundisney

    If the doc says no consequences then you shouldn’t feel at all guilty about waiting. 10 days is not a particularly long amount of time, enjoy your race and worry about the rest afterwards!

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  2. Wenaissance

    If 10 days won’t make a difference medically but will leave you stronger emotionally then I think you made the right decision. So pleased to hear it’s not cancer and I’ll be sending prayers your way in the coming weeks as you face surgery and recovery.

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  3. ginismycomfortfood

    That’s wonderful that it’s NOT cancer 🙂 I think you’re totally making the right call to go ahead with your races. You’ve been looking forward to them and dealing with the disappointment of missing them would NOT be a good thing for your health. Here’s to your two new PRs 🙂

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  4. niki

    Wow! So glad I came back to your blog, after not reading any blogs for a while…. I am so glad that it’s not cancer. I think your attitude is fabulous. Not a downer. Not at all. And, as you say, a walking ad for getting things checked. Hoping you got the PRs 🙂

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