2 Days 2 Races

What an awesome weekend!

I haven’t raced too much this Fall ( I guess maybe due to conflicting high school cross country races) , but now I’m really getting back into it with back to back races this past Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was a 5k and  a potential PR course.  The course has a net elevation drop, plus they changed the course to take out the tough hill at the beginning of mile 3.  The start and finish were downhill, and the middle mile was rolling hills.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, sunny and in the low 60’s.  So all the stars were lined up for a spectacular race!  And it was!! Although I didn’t PR, I did get a time that I’m pleased with, and my best time all year.

The best part of the race was all of the friends that were also there.  Several of them PR’d, including my husband who shaved 8 seconds off of his previous time.  My marathon buddy, who I hadn’t seen in months was also there.  And so was my running nemesis (who really is a good friend…and who really is MUCH faster than me). I told her that I was thrilled that she had decided to run the 10k!!  I also told her that she is one of the fastest ladies in the city in our age group.  She didn’t believe me…but keep reading for more on that.

I won second in my Age Group, which made me kind of cranky b/c I thought I’d get first with running nemesis in the 10k.  I’m sorry and embarrassed to say that I think I scowled when I accepted my award from a former Olympic cross country racer.  What a poor sport I am!

On Sunday, I ran the Atlanta Track Club’s 10 miler with 4,057 other people.  Big, HILLY race, and a guaranteed PR b/c this was my first 10 mile race.  My goal was to finish between 1:20 and 1:30, and I just barely squeaked in with a 1:29:47! I also knew several people who were going to be running in this race, but didn’t see any of them the whole time.

Participation in this race benefitted our cross country team.  For every 10 mile runner who specified our cross country team as a beneficiary, the Atlanta Track Club donated a certain amount to our team.  Another way for our team to raise funds was by manning a cheer station.  The more participants, the more funds raised.  Our team had a cheer station at mile 2/8.

Running by our team was just GREAT!! I wore a team shirt, to make sure that everyone recognized me.  Our station was set up on a corner, with the boys  first, and the girls as you rounded the bend.  The boys cheered politely as I passed…many of them don’t know me.  But when I came around the corner and the girls recognized me, a giant, genuine cheer went up!  How Thrilling!  That truly made the whole race for me.

Did I mention that the course was hilly?  6 miles after passing our cheer station, I was feeling pretty awful from all of the hills.  I was coming up another hill when I could hear a lot of cheering ahead.  In my run drunk state, I was able to figure out that I was coming up on our cheer station again.  I felt really embarrassed at how slowly I was running, so as I came into their view, I perked up a bit  and faked it.

Faking it past our cheer station

Faking it past our cheer station

The last mile or so was downhill…a blessing, but as I checked my watch I knew I had to put a push on to get in under 1:30.  I managed to do it, but felt pretty fuzzy for a while after the finish.  My running nemesis said she saw me finish, but I never saw her.

And end of the story for her…she came in third for our age group in a big race where all of the fastest ladies in the city compete…so there I was right!

Today I am trying a link up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here. Thank you ladies!


Hope your weekend was as great as mine?  Did you run any races?


16 thoughts on “2 Days 2 Races

  1. ginismycomfortfood

    I’m pretty sure we were at the same race on Saturday! I thought maybe I saw you but didn’t want to be a weirdo… Were you passing out shirts by any chance?

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    1. Rebecca Royy Post author

      I did!! Last year they did such an awful job that I vowed if it was awful again I’d hop in to help!! How funny. I SO wish you would have said hi. It would be really nice to meet you. You are one of my favorite bloggers. I feel like we’re friends!

      How did you do in the race?

      I hope I wasn’t rude to you in the T shirt line. They give out the T shirts back asswords. Like it’s a boutique. Hello mam what size would you like? Every other race gives them out by size….like XL get in one line. L another and so on. I was trying to do it in the more organized fashion, but may have wound up being rude to people who were waiting for their shirts.

      Maybe we’ll do another race together. My friend wants me to do the half in cumming this weekend, but I’m not sure b/c of that outpatient surgery that I’m doing tomorrow

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      1. ginismycomfortfood

        I wish I’d say hi too! I didn’t want to be like some random stalker, lol. I enjoyed the race and was happy with my time, but you are right – the shirt part of it was NUTS. We almost left without them but finally got to the front of the madness.

        We should definitely meet up for a race in the future! I can’t believe you are even considering doing a half this weekend when you’re having surgery tomorrow. You are waaaay tougher than I am 🙂 Good luck with your procedure, by the way!

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      2. Rebecca Royy Post author

        Yes let’s do a race sometime. There is one in Feb or March called the Chattahoochee downhill. It is pretty fast. Maybe we could target that one?
        And I probably won’t do the half this weekend, but I just get so excited when someone invites me to do something with them. I have a hard time saying no. I am like Sally fields accepting her Oscar… “You like me. You really like me.” Like she couldn’t believe anyone actually liked her. Same with me!

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  2. HoHo Runs

    Welcome to the Weekly Wrap! I really enjoy running the local races to be around great friends, and yes a nemesis or two…or three. I think I’ve scowled a few times myself. Congrats on your AG award in the 5k! You had a great finish time for a tough, hilly 10 miler. I appreciate you linking with us today. Please feel free to make it habit!

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  3. niki

    Wow! What an amazing weekend. Well done u. Love your honesty about the scowling 😉 I would love to place anywhere!!! But realise you can scowl anx be angry at yourself at best of times. Brilliant achievement, tho…

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