Deer Run

I encounter a lot of deer when I run.  We live in a neighborhood that is built around a golf course, so there is a lot of land for deer.  Right now, it is deer mating season which causes the deer to behave unpredictably. Normally, they are cautious about crossing roads, but during mating season, they become bold and unafraid. They leave our neighborhood and try to cross busy outside roads in search of mates. As you can imagine, the end result is that a lot of deer get hit and killed.  Most of the time, the deer carcass stays by the side of the road until its remains are devoured by vultures (this usually takes MANY weeks).  And lord help you if you encounter a carcass on your run!  Ugh!!!

This past weekend, I noticed smelled, then saw a new carcass near one of my favorite early morning run streets.  It was in someone’s side yard.   I haven’t been back that way all week, b/c I’m not sure if its still there.  If it is, and I did my normal route, I’d have to run by it at least three times!  Since my sense of smell becomes heightened when I run, I haven’t wanted to risk it.

In other deer related news, I encountered a beautiful, big sized buck this morning during my pre-dawn run. Here is the weird thing about the encounter:  Before I saw him, I heard an unfamiliar, repetitive noise.  It was a deep sounding CRRK, CRRK, CRRK.  Then I saw the buck and understood that the sound was coming from him.  I never knew deer made noises!!  I see deer almost ever single day, and the only noise I have EVER heard from them is snorting (which will scare the bejesus out of you if you hear it before you see them).

I’m wondering what wildlife you encounter during your runs?


3 thoughts on “Deer Run

    1. Rebecca Royy Post author

      Speaking of bears, one time an adolescent black bear made its way all the way down to our urban/suburban area. Unfortunately it got hit and killed on the road right outside our neighborhood!

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