No Central Theme for this Week’s Post

So no races or great running anecdotes to write about this week. But I thought I’d post about some of the things that have been on my mind.

Thing 1

I’ve got a half coming up this Thursday. So this past Sunday, I did my last long run. It was a beautiful day. And I had a great run. But somewhere after mile 8, and just after a water/gu break, I took a spectacular fall! I wasn’t hurt except for a small knee scrape and a very small hand scrape. Not sure what happened, but all of a sudden I was tumbling and turning off the sidewalk into grass and leaves on my butt, then back! It was embarrassing. Luckily none of the people in the 8-10 cars that were at the nearby stoplight seemed to notice. I found it weird that not a single soul opened their window to ask of I was OK. But by the same token, maybe its good that they didn’t notice my stupidity! I’ve been really lucky overall with running and falling. I think that was only my second time in nearly 7 years of running to fall.

Thing 2

Last year I found an old photo of my high school soccer team. We won the Massachusetts state high school championship in 1979, and in several subsequent years. It was an awesome experience, and one of my fondest memories. I posted the picture on Facebook and was able to relive this memory with 12 of the 21 girls who were on the team (others weren’t on FB). This week the post got resurrected when one of my teammates reported that the current girls soccer team from our high school would be competing for the state championship this Saturday. Some of the ladies from my team made plans to attend the game and wear our state championship letter jackets. Even the current coach (who we went to high school with) invited some of the old gals to visit the pre game psych dinner last night! I’ve been so into talking about the current girls game, and fantasizing about going to it, my family is starting think I’m going nuts. Too far away for me to get to, but it has been super fun thinking about it!


Hope everyone has a super Thanksgiving! And good luck to everyone who is racing before eating!!


3 thoughts on “No Central Theme for this Week’s Post

      1. neveradullbling

        Oh, that would be fabulous to have been born then, but no… I was 12, 7th grade, Farrah flip, disco still rocked the world… one year older than my son is now. A fabulous time in life. I know we rocked the styles back then, too!! 😉

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