Pearls of Wisdom – 2016 Goals

I have two children.  A son who is 20, and a daughter who is 15.  One of them is just starting to value the advice that my husband and I (sparingly) give.  Can you guess which one?

I had a really good pearl of wisdom the other day.  One of them liked it.  The other one responded with a comment along the lines of:

“Who do you think you are? GOD preaching to me?”  So, there you go. Here it is

worst then first

It seems like my day goes better if I get the worst thing over and done with first!


I’ve also been trying to get across that happiness is something that is earned…not something that comes to you while you’re laying on the couch playing with your smartphone.



And lastly, a basic lesson for everyone:


Both literally and figuratively


If I can get these lessons learned in my own life as well as taught to my children, then I will consider it all a successful journey!

Today I am trying a  link up with  PattyErika, and Marcia!  Thank you ladies!!Tuesdays-on-the-Run-2



12 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom – 2016 Goals

  1. neveradullbling

    Lol, awesome! Do you ever look at your kids when they’re being smart and start laughing because you can totally see yourself in them? (I know your son not so much any more, but still, lol) Sometimes I lose all credibility because I do that, all the while proudly thinking, yep, that’s definitely MY child. 😀 Anyway… I love your pearls of wisdom!

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  2. Wenaissance

    I just spent 5 days straight, working 12 hour days, with my 16-year-old daughter by my side and it was an interesting adventure. One moment I want to smack her and the next I look at her in awe and cannot believe that I actually gave birth to this amazing human. We have to hold onto the hope that our pearls of wisdom are going to stick, right? It’s funny because my daughter is the older one and my son is the baby. That’s a completely different dynamic! BTW, you need to read My Year of Running Dangerously: A Dad, a Daughter, and a Ridiculous Plan by Tom Foreman. I just finished reading it and thought of you running with your daughter. It’s a really fun, quick read.

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    1. Rebecca Royy Post author

      I envy you that your daughter makes you feel awe….we’re not there yet. Although when she gets back to running maybe there is hope!
      Thanks for the book recommendation. I will get it and let you know how I like it!


    1. Rebecca Royy Post author

      Thanks! Best wishes to you as you enter this tough time with your 14 year old. Mine seems to stabilize if she runs. But she’s had a stress fracture all fall. Ugh!



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