2nd Race of the Year – A Success – Sort of

Last week was my second race of the year.  Another 5k, another repeat race.  I ran it the year before last, and remembered that I liked it.  It is a favorable course with more downhills than up. And for this reason it attracts many of the fasties in the city.  Since it is such a favorable course, I persuaded several friends to race it too.

The race, and course, and friends were awesome!  The course was even better than I remembered.  I hit my race goal, as did 4 of the 5 friends who raced too!  And my performance truly gave me hope that maybe I haven’t lost all my speed to the large quantity of junk miles I’ve been running.

The only regrettable thing about the whole race was that I forgot to double knot my shoes!  Rookie mistake!  At exactly the start of mile 2, I realized my shoe had come untied.  I tried to ignore it for a bit, but that wasn’t working.  I pulled off to the side to tie, and I’m pretty sure that was a 30 second mistake.

My goal was for my finish time to start with a 23.  I finished in 23:45.  So, goal accomplished.  If you subtract the 30 second mistake, and add that to the fact that I should have lined up closer to the front to start (could have cost me 10 seconds of initial weaving), I came really really close to finishing the race in the 22s!  I’ve only done that twice before.  So I’m really happy about the race.  And, a feeling that I’ve never had before:  As I turned the corner towards the finish, I actually felt disappointed that the race would be over soon!!


chattahoochee rr 2016B

Downhill finish…I thought I was smiling as I passed the photographer.  This looks more like a grimace.

This weekend I’ve got my 12 hour race.  I’m looking forward to it.  The weather forecast is going to be a bit hot…mid 70’s, but the course is shaded.  And speed isn’t the priority.  So I think I can handle the heat.


12 thoughts on “2nd Race of the Year – A Success – Sort of

      1. Rebecca Royy Post author

        That is plenty…I really get bored running more than 12 miles in one go. I know that sounds stupid when I plan on running 30/this weekend. But in my mind the miles this weekend will be broken up with eating resting and visiting with friends

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  1. neveradullbling

    What a fabulous finish!! Yeah, you should’ve started way more in the front than you did! Who knows what your time could’ve been had you not had people to weave in and out of (other than that stoopid shoelace!). I’m so excited for this weekend for you!! I hope you have a fabulous time, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!! Eat, drink, be merry, and run, run, run!!


    1. Rebecca Royy Post author

      Thank you! Yes I didn’t have a lot of time to obsess or worry about training after I signed up for the race which is probably a good thing!

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    1. Rebecca Royy Post author

      Thanks! Starting to get excited about it! The organizer sent out a list of participants. There are 50/of us. I know around 10, so it should be fun. Just heard the weather report though. Supposed to be nearly 80 degrees. Ugh!

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