Nature on my Runs and in my Yard

This week, I’ve seen a lot of wildlife while on my runs. On Monday morning, I saw 2 bunnies and 4 deer. The next morning  only one deer. Today I saw Canadian geese and some ducks. The geese cracked me up. One goose pinched another goose’s tail feathers with its beak. Is this where the phrase ‘goosed’ comes from?

Today I came home from work pretty stressed out from bad traffic. The exterminator was there waiting for me. He was here to do his annual inspection, and needed to check the basement. When we went down there, I could see through a window that a deer was in my backyard. A bit uncommon, but I know they’re here because they’ve devoured my hostas.


I know this isn’t the rabbits’ work because I can see hoof marks in the pine straw.

Anyway, the exterminator and I went over to the window to look at it, and then we saw her baby!! Nursing! I’ve never seen that before. It was sooo awesome! The fawn was no bigger than a beagle, with spots and wobbly legs.

It must have been a very new fawn.

I think it is fawn season, because a friend posted this pic on Facebook.


I’ve spent the last few hours checking to see if I can see them again. But they seem to be gone.


7 thoughts on “Nature on my Runs and in my Yard

      1. SlowRunnerGirl

        Oh. So this is frequently happening? We have foxes, but I usually encounter sea birds. I have a favorite one – don’t ask me what type – it’s a giant bird and it watches the sea from a hidden rock.
        Other than that I get loads of cows, horses and of course sheep! There are rumors of wild ponies, but I never encountered them.

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      2. Rebecca Royy Post author

        I only saw a fawn one other time….about 5 years ago. It is just a coincidence that my friend had one in her backyard this week too.

        I love those really big birds. I forgot, I saw one of those yesterday too. A crane or heron or something. And yes, I’ve seen coyote too…which is kind of like a fox.

        That would be awesome to see wild ponies.

        One time I saw a bear that had been hit by a car. Poor guy was dead. Very near our house.

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      3. Rebecca Royy Post author

        This isn’t the bear’s natural habitat. That’s why it was so unusual to see! There was even a news helicopter flying overhead to get footage of the bear

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