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Race Report – A Timed Ultra Marathon

Well, you already know the end of this story.  I ended up surprising myself and running 50 miles in my first ultra marathon.  My goal was to run 50k (or 31 miles), so it was a real shocker to end up doing 50 miles!!

It was an absolutely awesome experience, and I will definitely do it again.  Especially this one.  It was 15 minutes from my house!!



The trail.  It was close to parking, so we could all set up our own stations right out the back of our cars

First, a bit of the particulars:  The 12 hour event was held in a park that had a .75 mile hard packed sand track loop.  To make each lap a full mile, there was a .25 out/back trip to a bridge added on.  There were 54 participants who ran the gamut in age (20-69) and fitness levels.  30 of the participants were female (two of whom were 67 years old and one who was 68!!!).  The one mile laps were counted by volunteers, who tracked a set number of runners all 12 hours long!



The ‘to the bridge’ portion of the loop


Let me tell you, this was one of the most inspirational events I’ve ever witnessed/participated in.  (Boston Marathon being the other one).  This was not like a regular race.  While regular races really are fun, they are competitive (which don’t get me wrong, I like!) vs. cooperative.  Everyone at this event was so supportive of everyone else.  In the course of the twelve hours, we all got to know/run with many of the other runners.  These are people who  never would have met each other in our everyday lives. And here we were, running with and encouraging each other for hours!! As you can image, we’re all now best friends forever on Facebook!


Since the event was in “our territory”, 10 of the runners were from the same run group. Many of us already knew each other. And the ones who didn’t know each other at the start did by the end! Also, since we were so close to home, many more runners from our run group stopped by to cheer or run with us!


Steve and I ran the event, and ran together for the first 28 miles.  My best running friend Maria (in the tigger capris) showed up to run a bit with us!


Runners and supporters from our run group!

All that support made this event super!
As I already said, my goal was initially to do 31 miles. But, once I reached that goal, I felt like I could keep going. My next goal was 40 miles.

A friend showed up at mile 38 and told me I was doing 50. Another one of the runners started saying that too. I wasn’t interested, but kept on running. By mile 43, I agreed to 50!  And by the time I committed, I just barely had enough time to finish.  I completed 50 with 8 minutes to spare!

My friend ran with me….or i should say ran/walked all 12 of those last miles! She was my cheerleader and encourager. Without her, it truly wouldn’t have happened!

There is so much more I have to say about this race. But I think I’ll save it for another post. In parting, I want to say, that when it was over, I took a shower.


Big Adventures Re-Cap 2015

So overall, some pretty good adventures this year.  In no particular order, here they are:

April 20, Boston Marathon

By far the biggest highlight for 2015! In fact running in the Boston Marathon is in my top 5 of ALL lifetime experiences.

I was so fortunate that my mother and daughter came with me. wp-1451316402051.jpeg

The whole trip was such and awesome experience!

I went to high school outside of Boston, and it was the first time my mom and I had been back in over 30 years! Someone had bought our old house…and then tore it down and put up a new one!!


Replacement house

The day before the race, the weather was beautiful, sunny and high 50s.  Race day, not so much.  Heavy rain and REALLY cold (low 40s).  But so what?? It was the Boston Marathon!

Screen shot 2015-12-28 at 10.23.14 AM

Crappy pic…screen shot from Marathon photo.  Still too cheap to spend $30 on a single photo download!!

I finished the race with a less than speedy time (4:18).  My BQ was 3:49, so I was a little disappointed…but not really. Again, it was the BOSTON MARATHON!

Spring Break In Costa Rica

Fun trip with 2 dopey teenage girls.

Snorkeling, jet skiing, white water rafting, horse back riding, mud baths, zip lining…Great adventures!

Rolling Stones Concert, June

My husband and I had each seen the Rolling Stones once before…when we were teenagers back in 1981.  The 1981 concert was pretty awful.  We were in Dallas, TX on Halloween and the weather was absolutely horrible. Flooding, cold rain and the concert was outdoors. The rain was so intense that the concert was cut short.

This time…AWESOME!  The weather was perfect. And the Rolling Stones were fantastic.  It was my teenage daughter’s first concert.

The Rolling Stones

June 9, 2015 The Rolling Stones Bobby Dodd Stadium, Georgia Tech


First High School Cross Country Race

Our son ran cross country when he was in high school and we had become huge fans of the sport.  We hoped that our daughter would  run too when she got to high school.  We knew she would be fast, but she doesn’t often  do what we want…

But she joined the team, and quickly became one of the top performers! Her first race was in Florida, and we drove down there to watch her.  She did great, and placed, and helped their team win 2nd place overall!


Aren’t they so cute??


Thank goodness we took the time to drive to Florida (6 hours) to watch her run!  That  turned out to be her only race of the season.  She got a stress fracture, and missed every other race.

So those are the highlights of my year.  I’d love to hear about yours!

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Changing the Title to: Close Encounters with 2 Olympic Runners

As you may know, we are huge high school cross country fans.  Our son ran, and now our daughter is running.  We avidly follow the speediest runners in our state.  And we have even gone to watch races in the gap years when neither child was racing.  For instance last year (our son had graduated, but  our daughter hadn’t entered high school), my husband and I ran a local race.  We knew I had placed in my age group, but decided to skip the awards ceremony so that we could get to the nearby cross country races.  Believe it or not, FRANK SHORTER was giving out the age group awards at the ceremony that we had skipped!!

We continue our fandom even after  cross country season ends. Around Thanksgiving, there is a regional race open to all.  The speediest high school runners from all over the Southeast attend. The Footlocker SE Regionals are held in Charlotte, NC.  Each year, we follow the results of the regionals through twitter feeds, live updates, and Facebook posts.

There are 3 other regional races held in other parts of the country.  The top ten finishers of each regional race then participate in the Foot Locker National race held in Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.   Each year we watch the live feed of this race over the internet.

When our boy ran, we mostly followed the boys.  Now that our girl runs, we mostly follow  the girls.  This year, there have been several speedy girls in the state of Georgia  that we have enjoyed watching.  We were thrilled to learn that THREE Georgia girls made the top ten at the SE regional!  This is unheard of!  Three girls from Georgia going to San Diego!!

The Footlocker National race was held this weekend.  We were able to watch it over the internet, and were once again inspired to watch these high school athletes compete at such an intense level.  The girls winner finished with a time of 17:09…on a HILLY course! The Georgia girls did well too.  15th, 19th and 39th. I get nervous and inspired and happy every time I watch the Footlocker races!

Several years ago we were able to attend and race in the SE Regionals! When our son was a senior, we took him to Charlotte.


2012 SE Footlocker Regionals (can’t believe he allowed me to take his pic!)

Before the high school athletes race, there is a race open to any non-high schooler.  My husband and I signed up for it.  Talk about NERVOUS!  But the race was awesome!  For the most part, the runners were  former high school or college runners.  It was a very fast field, with very few females.  Normally I put myself toward the front of a race.  Not here!  I looked around and felt slow even before the race started.  I backed up and made a joke with the middle aged woman next to me about letting faster looking young men get to the front of the start line.  She laughed but didn’t say much.

The race itself was tougher than I’d expected.  Running cross country is harder than running on pavement.  Some of the terrain felt like sand, and it was hard to get a good foothold.  The fans were very supportive though.  High school girls that I didn’t know yelled encouragement to me as I passed…”Go MOM!”.  At the time, my finish time disappointed me.  During that Fall, I had finished several races in the 22s.  This one was 23:40.  (In retrospect, I’m perfectly happy with this time).

Next up was  our son’s race.  While we were waiting for his race to start, I stopped by the awards table to see if they had any results.  Amazingly, I had earned an award!! Twenty three women raced in the entire Master’s category.  The top 20 finishers received awards.  The top ten were gold medal winners.  The next ten received silver medals.  I finished 9th!! A Gold Medal!


My favorite medal EVER!


The top lady in the category finished 6 full minutes faster than me.  Yes, a woman over forty finishing with something starting with a 17!! Amazing.  I later googled her name.  Zola Pieterse.  Maiden name BUDD.  Yes, she ran for the UK in the Olympics in the 80s!  She is the one who had a collision with Mary Decker on the track that caused Mary Decker to not finish.  WOW!!  I wonder if that was the middle aged lady that I had been joking with at the start.  She must have thought I was an idiot!

Our son ran, and did fine.  His finish time also started with a 17.  He was just barely faster than Zola!  He wasn’t pleased with his time though.  (They never are). One of the boys from our high school finished second!  He had been the fastest boy in Georgia for the past three years.  So with his second place finish, he earned a gold medal (I like to joke that Josh and I were the only 2 from our high school with the gold medals), and a spot in the Footlocker Nationals!

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Two 5ks and an A Half Ironman Triathlon

Wow!  I had an awesome weekend!  2 5ks, a half Ironman Triathlon,  and a visit with my sweet in-laws!

My first 5k was on Saturday on the cross country course that my daughter was going to be racing on later.  Super muddy, and super slow time for me.  I hope the 2 were related! On a funny note, I noticed my racing nemesis (who is really a good friend) way behind me.  I thought to myself HA – FINALLY, I’ll get to beat her!  But at the moment she saw me and yelled out my name, I knew I had a target on my back! And yep, she got me coming up a hill turning into the finish straight away.  Her son saw, and was laughing as she passed me! (In a good way).

(one of the girls from our team) Look how muddy the race was!

(one of the girls from our team) Look how muddy the race was!

My second 5k was on Sunday morning.  And I ran it as a bandit. Here’s the story:

I had been chatting with a friend last week who told me that she was training to run a 5k in under 30 minutes.  She told me which race she was going to try for it, and I – without thinking – told her what an awful finish that race had.  I could see immediately that I’d unintentionally scared the crap out of her.  Then I felt really bad.  So to try to make up for being such a butt-head, I offered to pace her.

Cheering on a friend at the end of a 5k (I'm to the left of the cones next to shirtless guy who is one of the HS XC coaches)

Pacing a friend at the end of a 5k (I’m to the left of the cones next to shirtless guy who is one of the HS XC coaches)

She didn’t quite make her goal because the finish (a full, steep, uphill mile) really is awful.  But we had fun.  Plus it was a local race, so I got to see and chat with tons of friends.  And yes, my racing nemesis was there too! I think she won the Masters! (at age 53!!)

And then it was on to the Ironman Half Triathlon in Augusta, GA.  And no, I didn’t participate.  My sister and another friend were competing, so I decided to combine a cheer trip with a quick visit with my in-laws who live nearby.

I am super impressed with both of these ladies for completing this race!  The total distance was 70.3 miles.  1.2 mile swim (1.9k), 56 mile bike (90k), and 13.1 run (21.09k).  And my sister did it in less than 6 hours!!  How awesome is that!

My sister in the run portion

My sister in the run portion

My brother in law and I were spectating next to a couple whose son and daughter were racing.  The parents were SO excited when they spotted their kids – running together!

Their mom waving to Bobby and Amy - brother and sister

Their mom waving to Bobby and Amy – brother and sister

And I saw this funny sign

A funny sign

A funny sign

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So, overall a pretty awesome weekend.

How was your weekend? Did you do any races?

A Day Well Spent

Well, another weekend, another cross country race!  This weekend, our school was the host.  That meant that all parents were encouraged to volunteer.  There is actually a lot of work and coordination that goes into the organization of a cross country race…from marking the course before the race, to manning the parking lot and collecting parking fees, to coordinating the porta-potties, to arranging for timing, to removing the timing chips at the end of the race.  And I could go on.

Since both my husband and I run, we were selected to be sweepers.



What an AWESOME job!! It was our responsibility to pick up the last runner in each race and escort (or trail) and encourage them to the finish.  There were a total of 8 races, so the sweeper crew took turns.  I wound up sweeping 4 times (jumping in after the first mile in most of the races).

This job is awesome for several reasons:

A) You get to meet some really great kids.  I got to meet 4 kids this time.  I chatted with each one, got to know their names, and a bit about them.  All were new (VERY NEW) to running.  None had ever run 3.1 miles before.  And each one was DETERMINED to finish the race even though they were going to be last by a substantial margin.  Very Admirable.

Cross Country Race Sweeper

Cross Country Race Sweeper

B) As a parent spectating at a cross country race, you normally only get to see portions of the course.  As a sweeper, you get to see and know the whole course!

C) Spectator support.  Everyone was so supportive of the last runners.  Over and over parents and kids yelled out encouragement and compliments as we passed.  Some even yelled out encouragement to me, which was pretty super!

Overall, we spent more than 6 hours at the races, and I can’t think of a better way to have spent our day!  And the funny thing was, our girl didn’t even run this race (due to some calf pain).

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Cross Country

Had a REALLY great week of running this week! And it wasn’t even my running that made the week great!

Our rising (high school) freshman daughter is a VERY fast runner.  We’ve hoped for and guided her toward cross country.  The practices started just after Memorial Day, in the early mornings b/c it gets SO hot here in the summer.  She is NOT a morning person, so it was a bit of a question as to whether she could do it…but so far it is succeeding beyond our expectations! She has been doing it for 2 weeks now and LOVES it. She is tracking her miles, and setting goals, and meeting the other good kids who run cross country.  In the words of our son’s cross country coach, “there are two kinds of friends – cross country friends, and the wrong friends”.

A REALLY happy girl after her run

A REALLY happy girl after her run