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A 24 Hour Relay Race Report

This past weekend I joined up with some new friends to run a 24 hour relay race in Jefferson GA. 

There were 8 of us on the team. 4 women and 4 men.  The course was a 10k “loop” through woods, over a meadow, and around parts of a lake. Each one of us ran the loop, one after the other. The goal was to get as many loops as possible.

As you can see, there were MANY twists and turns on the course. And as you can imagine it was really hot. The heat Index rose to 97 by midday! We started the race at 10 am. Luckily, there was still a bit of cloud cover. And it was ‘only’ in the low 80s. Our first man finished in 55 minutes. Next was my turn (I think they let me go next out of pity….I was by far the oldest on our team!)

The course was up and down a lot, and it was a bit confusing trying to follow the trail. But I finished fine, without missing any turns, and felt pretty good about my 65 minute time. 

The next 7 hours were spent refueling 

Cookie review: everyone enjoyed both flavors! I’d been eager to try each one, but knew better than to buy a pack of either one for myself. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from eating every single one! But the race seemed like an awesome time to try them…lots of calorie burning plus sharing!

The rest of my team ran their laps in pure Georgia heat and humidity. It truly was brutal. I am surprised that only one race participant went down (from another team).

My next lap was at sunset. Still hot, but not as bad as what my teammates had faced. Finished that one in 67 minutes.

It was 9:15ish by the time I finished. I hopped in my car and went home for a shower and nap. Was back on the road at 3 am. Crazy??

My final lap was in pitch black. I had on a headlamp. And carried a flashlight in my hand. Both were needed. The flashlight picked out the stumps, and roots, and ruts, while the headlamp lit my path. It was kind of scary. 

One of my teammates reported hearing a deer snort. It literally scared the pee out of her!

I really had to slow down and concentrate hard not to miss the trail markers in the dark. It took me 75 minutes, but I’m proud to say I didn’t get lost or fall down, or walk, or miss any of the turns!

My family all laughed at me when I told them I pretended to be a native American warrior on my first test of manhood. But hey, I guess I passed even if I don’t fit any of the characteristics!

Fun  race, nice people…I think I’d do it again!


Nature on my Runs and in my Yard

This week, I’ve seen a lot of wildlife while on my runs. On Monday morning, I saw 2 bunnies and 4 deer. The next morning  only one deer. Today I saw Canadian geese and some ducks. The geese cracked me up. One goose pinched another goose’s tail feathers with its beak. Is this where the phrase ‘goosed’ comes from?

Today I came home from work pretty stressed out from bad traffic. The exterminator was there waiting for me. He was here to do his annual inspection, and needed to check the basement. When we went down there, I could see through a window that a deer was in my backyard. A bit uncommon, but I know they’re here because they’ve devoured my hostas.


I know this isn’t the rabbits’ work because I can see hoof marks in the pine straw.

Anyway, the exterminator and I went over to the window to look at it, and then we saw her baby!! Nursing! I’ve never seen that before. It was sooo awesome! The fawn was no bigger than a beagle, with spots and wobbly legs.

It must have been a very new fawn.

I think it is fawn season, because a friend posted this pic on Facebook.


I’ve spent the last few hours checking to see if I can see them again. But they seem to be gone.

Deer Run

I encounter a lot of deer when I run.  We live in a neighborhood that is built around a golf course, so there is a lot of land for deer.  Right now, it is deer mating season which causes the deer to behave unpredictably. Normally, they are cautious about crossing roads, but during mating season, they become bold and unafraid. They leave our neighborhood and try to cross busy outside roads in search of mates. As you can imagine, the end result is that a lot of deer get hit and killed.  Most of the time, the deer carcass stays by the side of the road until its remains are devoured by vultures (this usually takes MANY weeks).  And lord help you if you encounter a carcass on your run!  Ugh!!!

This past weekend, I noticed smelled, then saw a new carcass near one of my favorite early morning run streets.  It was in someone’s side yard.   I haven’t been back that way all week, b/c I’m not sure if its still there.  If it is, and I did my normal route, I’d have to run by it at least three times!  Since my sense of smell becomes heightened when I run, I haven’t wanted to risk it.

In other deer related news, I encountered a beautiful, big sized buck this morning during my pre-dawn run. Here is the weird thing about the encounter:  Before I saw him, I heard an unfamiliar, repetitive noise.  It was a deep sounding CRRK, CRRK, CRRK.  Then I saw the buck and understood that the sound was coming from him.  I never knew deer made noises!!  I see deer almost ever single day, and the only noise I have EVER heard from them is snorting (which will scare the bejesus out of you if you hear it before you see them).

I’m wondering what wildlife you encounter during your runs?