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Finally…A Style Post-OK Not Really

Hi all.  I’ve been gone for a bit…going through some really tough stuff with my daughter right now.  It’s been rough.

Anyway, I know many of you have been waiting nearly a year for my first style post. HaHa…probably not.  Anyway, here it is.

We have been having a cold snap here  (for Georgia anyway).  I always wear gloves, but lately I’ve been having multiple episodes of Raynauds phenomenon in my hands.  Not necessarily when I run, but sometimes when I’m done.  Or sometimes just in the morning on my way to work.

Raynauds phenomenon is a circulatory disturbance where the circulation to extremities becomes temporarily short circuited, causing discoloration and tingling.  The episodes last for me for about a half hour.  There is nothing serious about this, but it is annoying and slightly uncomfortable.   It’s kind of creepy looking


These aren’t my fingers…but this is what they look like during an episode

I read on a web-site that mittens are better for keeping hands warm.  So yesterday I stopped at Old Navy for some mittens.  img_20160211_082430.jpg

Now you have to admit, these mittens have style!!

But wait, that’s not all…img_20160211_082436.jpg

The mitten part is a little ‘hoodie’ that you pull down to reveal fingerless gloves!!

And, as if it couldn’t get any better, they were $1.03!!  I’m pretty sure I’m going back today for some more!

I have a race on Saturday (the first one of the year), so I can try these out.  It is supposed to be really cold (for us). I’m excited about the race b/c it is my birthday race and I do it every year.  The first year I did it with my daughter…which is a nice memory.  Here’s to hoping things get better with her soon.