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2 Days 2 Races

What an awesome weekend!

I haven’t raced too much this Fall ( I guess maybe due to conflicting high school cross country races) , but now I’m really getting back into it with back to back races this past Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was a 5k and  a potential PR course.  The course has a net elevation drop, plus they changed the course to take out the tough hill at the beginning of mile 3.  The start and finish were downhill, and the middle mile was rolling hills.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, sunny and in the low 60’s.  So all the stars were lined up for a spectacular race!  And it was!! Although I didn’t PR, I did get a time that I’m pleased with, and my best time all year.

The best part of the race was all of the friends that were also there.  Several of them PR’d, including my husband who shaved 8 seconds off of his previous time.  My marathon buddy, who I hadn’t seen in months was also there.  And so was my running nemesis (who really is a good friend…and who really is MUCH faster than me). I told her that I was thrilled that she had decided to run the 10k!!  I also told her that she is one of the fastest ladies in the city in our age group.  She didn’t believe me…but keep reading for more on that.

I won second in my Age Group, which made me kind of cranky b/c I thought I’d get first with running nemesis in the 10k.  I’m sorry and embarrassed to say that I think I scowled when I accepted my award from a former Olympic cross country racer.  What a poor sport I am!

On Sunday, I ran the Atlanta Track Club’s 10 miler with 4,057 other people.  Big, HILLY race, and a guaranteed PR b/c this was my first 10 mile race.  My goal was to finish between 1:20 and 1:30, and I just barely squeaked in with a 1:29:47! I also knew several people who were going to be running in this race, but didn’t see any of them the whole time.

Participation in this race benefitted our cross country team.  For every 10 mile runner who specified our cross country team as a beneficiary, the Atlanta Track Club donated a certain amount to our team.  Another way for our team to raise funds was by manning a cheer station.  The more participants, the more funds raised.  Our team had a cheer station at mile 2/8.

Running by our team was just GREAT!! I wore a team shirt, to make sure that everyone recognized me.  Our station was set up on a corner, with the boys  first, and the girls as you rounded the bend.  The boys cheered politely as I passed…many of them don’t know me.  But when I came around the corner and the girls recognized me, a giant, genuine cheer went up!  How Thrilling!  That truly made the whole race for me.

Did I mention that the course was hilly?  6 miles after passing our cheer station, I was feeling pretty awful from all of the hills.  I was coming up another hill when I could hear a lot of cheering ahead.  In my run drunk state, I was able to figure out that I was coming up on our cheer station again.  I felt really embarrassed at how slowly I was running, so as I came into their view, I perked up a bit  and faked it.

Faking it past our cheer station

Faking it past our cheer station

The last mile or so was downhill…a blessing, but as I checked my watch I knew I had to put a push on to get in under 1:30.  I managed to do it, but felt pretty fuzzy for a while after the finish.  My running nemesis said she saw me finish, but I never saw her.

And end of the story for her…she came in third for our age group in a big race where all of the fastest ladies in the city compete…so there I was right!

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Hope your weekend was as great as mine?  Did you run any races?


Two 5ks and an A Half Ironman Triathlon

Wow!  I had an awesome weekend!  2 5ks, a half Ironman Triathlon,  and a visit with my sweet in-laws!

My first 5k was on Saturday on the cross country course that my daughter was going to be racing on later.  Super muddy, and super slow time for me.  I hope the 2 were related! On a funny note, I noticed my racing nemesis (who is really a good friend) way behind me.  I thought to myself HA – FINALLY, I’ll get to beat her!  But at the moment she saw me and yelled out my name, I knew I had a target on my back! And yep, she got me coming up a hill turning into the finish straight away.  Her son saw, and was laughing as she passed me! (In a good way).

(one of the girls from our team) Look how muddy the race was!

(one of the girls from our team) Look how muddy the race was!

My second 5k was on Sunday morning.  And I ran it as a bandit. Here’s the story:

I had been chatting with a friend last week who told me that she was training to run a 5k in under 30 minutes.  She told me which race she was going to try for it, and I – without thinking – told her what an awful finish that race had.  I could see immediately that I’d unintentionally scared the crap out of her.  Then I felt really bad.  So to try to make up for being such a butt-head, I offered to pace her.

Cheering on a friend at the end of a 5k (I'm to the left of the cones next to shirtless guy who is one of the HS XC coaches)

Pacing a friend at the end of a 5k (I’m to the left of the cones next to shirtless guy who is one of the HS XC coaches)

She didn’t quite make her goal because the finish (a full, steep, uphill mile) really is awful.  But we had fun.  Plus it was a local race, so I got to see and chat with tons of friends.  And yes, my racing nemesis was there too! I think she won the Masters! (at age 53!!)

And then it was on to the Ironman Half Triathlon in Augusta, GA.  And no, I didn’t participate.  My sister and another friend were competing, so I decided to combine a cheer trip with a quick visit with my in-laws who live nearby.

I am super impressed with both of these ladies for completing this race!  The total distance was 70.3 miles.  1.2 mile swim (1.9k), 56 mile bike (90k), and 13.1 run (21.09k).  And my sister did it in less than 6 hours!!  How awesome is that!

My sister in the run portion

My sister in the run portion

My brother in law and I were spectating next to a couple whose son and daughter were racing.  The parents were SO excited when they spotted their kids – running together!

Their mom waving to Bobby and Amy - brother and sister

Their mom waving to Bobby and Amy – brother and sister

And I saw this funny sign

A funny sign

A funny sign

Today I am trying a link up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here. Thank you ladies!


So, overall a pretty awesome weekend.

How was your weekend? Did you do any races?

In Praise of Cross Country

This past weekend, we took the world’s quickest road trip to Florida to watch our girl’s first high school cross country meet.  7 hours there, and 7 back to spectate at 21 minutes of racing.  Sounds ridiculous, but it was AWESOME!! (OK, we actually stayed longer than 21 minutes)

I don’t even know where to begin to start when praising this sport…We became fans when our son ran cross country.  Thank goodness for us (and her too) that our daughter is now doing it!

The race -- aren't the SO cute?

The race — aren’t they SO cute?

Here are some of the reasons I think cross country is so great:

  1. The kids learn important life traits – such as goal setting, preparation, and problem solving.
  2. Although it is obviously a super competitive activity, the kids are SOOO supportive of each other– Both with teammates as well as competitors.  I saw my girl, and the girl she had beat by inches (from another school) laughing and carrying on when they were receiving their ribbons.
  3. The sport seems to attract top notch kids…school leaders, high grade earners, no druggies…
  4. It introduces the kids to running. Hopefully they stick with it, or get back to it as they age.
  5. The effort these kids put out when racing is awe inspiring.  I had a friend say to me “how could you not be inspired to run after watching them?” And I agree…you should go watch a meet if you never have!
At the end of the race...ready to throw up

At the end of the race…ready to throw up

The most awesome thing is the race start.  I know this is sappy, but it almost always moves me to tears.  It is the embodiment of hope.  Now combine the start with a sunrise and you have guaranteed tears here!

Start of the race at sunrise

Start of the race at sunrise

One time, I told my daughter and her friend ‘Fastboy’ that if I had a time machine, I’d go back and run cross country in high school!

Here is a link to an article  that nicely explains the greatness of cross country:


The Top 5 Things I like Best About Running

When I started running, I just wanted to loose a bit of weight.  But then I really got into it.  Here are some of the things that I like best about running:


Have you seen these ads?  They’re from ASICS and pretty much sum up what is great about running from an emotional standpoint.

Asics ad

Asics ad

Asics ad

Asics ad

Running really helps clear out all of the negative stuff.


Not much to say here…who doesn’t feel better when they’re in really good shape?

52 year old legs

52 year old legs.

Too bad running doesn’t de-age the face too!


I’ve already written a post about how much I love tunes when I run, so I won’t go over it again.  But here is another current favorite: Vance Joy – Mess is Mine.

I’m also thinking about downloading another cheesy one.  What do you think?

That’s bad isn’t it?  But I’m ashamed to say I like it!


Oh the awesome things I get to see!

Yesterday, I saw a deer – which isn’t super unusual – but he saw me too and wagged his tail!!

Just about every morning, I get to see the sunrise.




I’ve met and made lots of friends through running.  I’ve also been able to reconnect with my best friend from 6th grade through running.  We found each other through facebook, and met up in Utah (with one of my new running friends) to run our first marathon together at age 50!

St. George Marathon St. George Utah

St. George Marathon
St. George Utah


I love 5ks (especially ones that are close to my house), I like half marathons, I’m ok on marathons, and don’t really like 10ks….can’t ever seem to get my pace right!

I love the awesome, successful feeling you have after finishing a race.

The camaraderie is also great.

A New Year's Day run

A New Year’s Day run

I am trying something new.  Not sure if I’m doing it right since I’m a newbie.  But I’m trying to do a link up.  Here are the links of 2 blogs that I enjoy reading.