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The World’s Shortest Road Trip

As I mentioned in a previous post about cross country, my husband and I took a road trip 2 weeks ago to watch our daughter’s first high school race. While we live in Georgia, the meet was in central Florida….a 7 hour drive! (Don’t ask me the thought process there).

The trip, while short, was filled with adventure (of the mild, middle age type).

First up: Boiled Peanuts.
No trip through South Georgia is complete without a stop for this delicacy.  They are peanuts, Boiled in salty oil.  They’re soft, and greasy and salty. Mmmm. But a word of warning…don’t eat the whole serving! Potential tummy problems, not to mention the fact that they’re probably not a super healthy runner’s food!

Boiled Peanuts

Next: A Speed Trap
Yes we were speeding. Yes we got stopped. No we didn’t get a ticket!! When the officer asked where we were headed, my husband told him Florida. I chimed in with the reason….to see our girl run her first high school race. I’m certain that is why he let is off!


A Stop in Valdosta:
We were hungry, needed to use the potty, and needed gas. Plus it had started to rain REALLY hard.  It seemed like a good place to stop.  We found a nice Denny’s right off the exit.  Dinner was delicious, and the indoor rain hardly bothered us at all.

ˆf you look near teh neon clock, you can see rain pouring in from the ceiling

If you look near the neon clock, you can see rain pouring in from the ceiling

The Next Morning:
The race was awesome. The boys ran first and it was thrilling to watch. Our daughter’s friend ‘Fast boy’ who is new to running was amazing. Several of the other boys were in an exciting race to the finish.

A very close finish. Our boys are in white

Our daughter and her team mates also did super in their race.  We have known some of these girls their whole lives, so it was great to be able to be proud of so many runners!

Last Stop: Surfing Lessons
I’ve always wanted to surf. At age 50, I decided ‘why not?’ So I took a surfing lesson. Then I did another lesson last year. So this was to be my third annual lesson. My husband decided to join me this time.

Not my best lesson! Plus our instructor SUCKED! He didn’t tell my husband any of the beginner instructions that I knew were supposed to be given.

Anyway, long story short… Something weird happened with his board. And my husband wound up loosing his toe nail!

He informed me of his injury then left the water.  Good wife that I am, I kept going with my lesson.

And that was the end of our adventure… We went back to the hotel, showered and drove the 7 hours back home! Like I said, the world’s Shortest Road trip!

Driving home with an injured left big toe

Driving home with an injured left big toe