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The CRAZIEST Run of My Entire Life

Today started out fairly normal…I got up and had my cookies, then started to procrastinate my run.

During my procrastination phase, I was texting with a friend. She was telling me about another friend of ours…D.  D is a 40 something hard charging, high level corporate executive who tackles full iron man length triathlons for fun! Well it turns out D is 5 months pregnant with her first child!! I started out my run thinking  about how happy I am for D. She preoccupied my thoughts for the first few miles.

At mile three, it was time to implement my new strategy for regaining some speed. This is a highly complex, advanced strategy, so of you’re a newbie, you may not want to try it until you have some more experience.  But here it is….I’ve decided that you have to go fast if you want to go fast! So I ran speedy for my next mile and a half. Two and a half more laps around the park at a slower speed, a few stops at the water fountain, and then I turned out of the park to go home with the intention of doing my last mile (9) speedy too.

I passed the fire station, and was trying to pump myself up to do a fast mile, and wondering what I could write a blog post about when a car that was going in my same direction about 20 feet in front of me jumped the curb, crossed the side walk, ran into some crepe myrtle tree stalks, and then FLIPPED completely over!! It was completely upside down, the roof was totally crushed in, and the car impacted with an electric pole. The transformer on the top of the pole exploded twice, sparks flying everywhere!! I kept running. But faster now, toward the car. A man driving in another car who had witnessed everything yelled at me not to touch the car….it could be live. I didn’t.  I saw a lifeless arm in the car and prayed that no one was dead.  I yelled inside that we were calling for help, but that we didn’t want to touch the car. I saw movement in the car. At least one person was alive. I ran back to the man in the car who had yelled at me not to touch it..his wife was calling 911.  Then I remembered the fire station. It was about 1/10 of a mile away. A boy in a jeep took off.  For some stupid reason, so did I. Anyway, the fire engines got to the accident scene within about three minutes of the accident. By the time I got back, they already had a chain saw out to cut through the car to get to the man. It turns out there was only one person in the car…so he was alive.

I hung around for a few minutes, then feeling pretty shook up, decided to head home. I had to run through the scene to get home. Needless to say I didn’t feel up to a speedy last mile either.


The electric pole to the left was the site where the car flipped over.

When I got home, and was telling my family about the accident, we realized I would have been killed if I’d been running a bit faster in my third and fourth park laps…or if I hadn’t stopped for water.

I pray that the man will be OK. Incidents like this make you put life’s petty issues into perspective.


The chunked up grass must be where the wrecker pulled in…b/c  there was absolutely no braking when the car jumped the curb.

Today I am trying a link up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here. Thank you ladies!



Things That Bother Me on a Run

Some of these things I’ll admit are crazy, but others probably irritate most of us:

  1. Shoe Laces Touching my Skin.

    Ok…I know this one is crazy, but I can’t stand having the laces touch my ankles.  I’ll actually stop running to adjust the situation.  I’m also one of those people for whom clothing tags are hugely irritating.  So I’m pretty sure these two things must be related on a sensory level
Shoe laces touching my skin

Shoe laces touching my skin

2. Running through spider webs.

Pretty sure this bothers everyone.  One time I had an acquaintance stop me on a run to undrape a spider web from my head.  I had looped by her several times trailing a long thread from the back of my head when she finally took pity on me!

On my weekday morning runs, I squeeze through some bars on a gate.  This area is prime real estate for spider webs.  Normally an earlier runner  clears the spot with a stick.  I never even noticed or appreciated his efforts until I discovered an increase in spider webs  that coincided with his Facebook posts that he was in Italy!

Now I know what this nearby stick is for.

Spider web clearing stick to the left of the stone. I squeeze through to the right of the stone.

Spider web clearing stick to the left of the stone. I squeeze through to the right of the stone.

3.  Walkers taking up the whole path

I live in the South.  Almost everyone here is polite and friendly.  However there are some walkers that take up the whole path by walking three (or more) abreast.  Most of the time I will be running in the opposite direction, so they can see me coming.  They won’t give up an inch on the path, as if they’re more entitled to the space than me!  Should I veer off the path and into the mud to accommodate them?  Or do I keep running and play ‘chicken’ with them?

Here’s the bad part – and I know I’m going to sound like Archie Bunker* here – But we have had an influx of one particular ethnic group in our community over the past decade.  IT IS ALWAYS FEMALES FROM THIS GROUP who take up the whole path. Ok, rant over.

*A character from a US 70's TV show who was prejudiced against all ethnic groups and invoked their stereotypes, and slurs against them

*A character from a US 70’s TV show who was prejudiced against all ethnic groups and invoked their stereotypes, and slurs against them.

4.  Yappy Dogs

I am SOOOO lucky…I don’t have to deal with ANY loose dogs during my run.  All dogs in my neighborhood are on a leash, or behind electric fences.  I never get pestered by dogs.  But there are 5 leashed dogs that bug the crap out of me.  One dog is no bigger than Toto from the Wizard of Oz.  I encounter it, and its owner when they’re out on their walk.  Whenever any human passes by it, the dog becomes crazed, yapping,  baring its teeth, and straining at its leash to get at the passing human.  It’s annoying, and I always wonder why the owner doesn’t just give a good yank on the leash to train the dog to stop.

Toto from Wizard of Oz

Toto from Wizard of Oz

The other 4 leashed dogs walk together every Saturday morning with their 2 owners at MY PARK.  These dogs too become hysterical every time a human passes.    And it totally ruins the ZEN of the run when you have to loop by these cry babies 2-4x in a morning.  I’ve spoken with other park goers and they get bothered too.  One time, I stopped the ladies and told them their dogs were clearly unhappy and didn’t belong in the park.  My advice wasn’t received well. AT ALL.

And that is my list of what bugs me during a run.  What bothers you during a run?

The Top 5 Things I like Best About Running

When I started running, I just wanted to loose a bit of weight.  But then I really got into it.  Here are some of the things that I like best about running:


Have you seen these ads?  They’re from ASICS and pretty much sum up what is great about running from an emotional standpoint.

Asics ad

Asics ad

Asics ad

Asics ad

Running really helps clear out all of the negative stuff.


Not much to say here…who doesn’t feel better when they’re in really good shape?

52 year old legs

52 year old legs.

Too bad running doesn’t de-age the face too!


I’ve already written a post about how much I love tunes when I run, so I won’t go over it again.  But here is another current favorite: Vance Joy – Mess is Mine.

I’m also thinking about downloading another cheesy one.  What do you think?

That’s bad isn’t it?  But I’m ashamed to say I like it!


Oh the awesome things I get to see!

Yesterday, I saw a deer – which isn’t super unusual – but he saw me too and wagged his tail!!

Just about every morning, I get to see the sunrise.




I’ve met and made lots of friends through running.  I’ve also been able to reconnect with my best friend from 6th grade through running.  We found each other through facebook, and met up in Utah (with one of my new running friends) to run our first marathon together at age 50!

St. George Marathon St. George Utah

St. George Marathon
St. George Utah


I love 5ks (especially ones that are close to my house), I like half marathons, I’m ok on marathons, and don’t really like 10ks….can’t ever seem to get my pace right!

I love the awesome, successful feeling you have after finishing a race.

The camaraderie is also great.

A New Year's Day run

A New Year’s Day run

I am trying something new.  Not sure if I’m doing it right since I’m a newbie.  But I’m trying to do a link up.  Here are the links of 2 blogs that I enjoy reading.