7 thoughts on “A medal

  1. theoldfellowgoesrunning

    Thank you for the follow Rebecca. When I went to check out your blog, it sure looking like the BAA medal proudly draped around your neck in your gravator. I could not enlarge that picture, but with this post I know for sure. This is awesome, and truly amazing. Congratulations on this accomplishment. I keep thinking of the qualifying time required for me, and trying not to let it overwhelm me, as I would love to have that experience. I’ll keep running for my love of running, and see where it takes me.

    But I am very happy for you, and I am very glad you found me! 🙂


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    1. Rebecca Royy Post author

      And thank you for your follow! I qualified for Boston in St. George Utah. 10 miles of downhill! That sure did help, and I didn’t qualify for Boston at Boston! If I ever get another chance, I’ll do it again (but maybe train a little better!)

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